Anthony BAUD, Head Chef Lyon

Anthony BAUD, uncompromising taste

Growing up in Lyon, France’s gastronomic epicentre, inadvertently offers an impressive head start in culinary matters. As a child, Anthony Baud was always surrounded by Lyon’s gourmet culture and felt it only natural to choose a career as a chef.

For the Baud family, work is a fundamental value, the path to recognition and the only way to find fulfilment. It was no surprise that the young chef devoted himself entirely to his passion for cooking, initially joining Le Caro de Lyon, where he worked alongside Jean-Claude Caro and his chef Sébastien Pommier.

Here, he quickly learned the basics of his trade: from making sauces to making stock, from chopping vegetables to preparing meat, along with managing stock and purchasing ingredients. Everything he learned took him a step closer to independence.

And yet Anthony Baud continued to learn from Lyon’s Christian Têtedoie, the Michelin-starred chef and holder of the prestigious title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France, up in the hills of Lyon’s 5th arrondissement, in the bistro, the Michelin-starred restaurant and the chef’s other properties.

He completed his pâtisserie training with the former maestro of desserts at La Pyramide, the legendary Viennese restaurant with 2 Michelin stars. The experience enhanced his sensibilities and encouraged a fastidious sense of precision; he put these qualities to good use at Les Fermes de Marie in Megève and Victoria Hall in Lyon. 

La Quintessence · Gourmet restaurant Lyon 1 · Chef Anthony Baud

At 20 years old, Anthony Baud had everything he needed to make his own way in the world. And that’s exactly what he did, buying a brasserie on Rue de Saxe in Lyon’s 3rd arrondissement: for the first time, he was both the chef and the owner.

In just 3 years, he ensured the restaurant’s success and proved his skills as a business owner. But the young man wanted more and began to look for another location in which to let his creativity run wild.

In 2016, he chose the gourmet restaurant La Quintessence (formerly Rémanence) on Rue du Bât d’Argent in Lyon’s 1st arrondissement as the bespoke setting in which to showcase his budding talent. Here, he has written his own uniquely flavourful story, gradually honing his culinary signature every day and creating a new approach to the sparking of emotion.

“La Quintessence. The name of my restaurant conveys the challenge I set myself: to do my utmost to ensure the ultimate sophistication”

La Quintessence
La Quintessence · Gourmet restaurant Lyon 1 · Dish
La Quintessence · Gourmet restaurant Lyon 1 · Dish
La Quintessence · Gourmet restaurant Lyon 1 · Dish